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Order Processing

Order Processing

The order processing, as follows:

Offer – Order – Sample – Production – Shipment


We receive the necessary documents from you, such as Samples, drawing, material information, required quantities and delivery date by fax, e-mail or post. We will create a free offer in short time ( within 3-4 days ). If we have to inquire specific materials or current material prices, it may be longer.


If you accept our offer, then you send us your order.


we can make samples and send it to you along with an initial sample audit report for release.


After the release of the sample we start with the massproduction. Our production is constantly monitored and controlled by our QM employees.


The supply can be used as sea or air freight. Before the loading of the goods we control the goods and delivery papers again.

Delivery times

Our actual production times are very short. We produce models and tools normally within 4-5 weeks. First  goods can be delivered about 4-5 weeks later depending on the volumes.

The transport times for air cargo about 5 days, for the sea approximately 30 days to European port, from port to your company about 7-10 days.


Payment is made through bank transfer or by letter of credit before the time of delivery normally, we can talk about it according to your demand.

Quality Guarantee

We guarantee the quality of our products.

The suppliers of products and components that we work with are located in Asian countries. These suppliers are carefully selected by us, and they all have at least 10 years experience in export processing. They all have quality system certification issued by various countries.

Of course, our quality inspection personnel will also monitor the quality of your order products at any time.

Before you receive the goods, in addition to the manufacturer's product testing, we will perform a second review test based on the data of your order requirements.


You can work with us in German and English language.

How to contact us?

Both fax and email, we are always reachable. We will respond it in very short time.

Our official business hours are from 9.00  to 17.00.